More men’s clothing to be released in February 2018

More men than ever are getting into the men’s wear game, with Ulta Men’s announcing that they will be releasing more men’s apparel in February. 

Ulta has been releasing men’s fashion since 2009, when the brand first launched the Men’s Club, which became one of the most recognizable men’s brands in the world. 

The brand’s Men’s Warehouse is a collection of the brand’s best selling men’s and women’s clothing in one store, featuring more than 3,000 items from its vast inventory. 

With this new expansion, Ulta is doubling down on their commitment to men’s style and making a bold statement that they are serious about creating men’s collections that stand the test of time. 

This is a great time for Ulta to introduce new men’s styles that have been around for years.

The Men’s Store has a wealth of great styles and has become synonymous with men’s lifestyle, and Ulta’s Men in Clothes line will feature a range of men’s shoes, accessories and accessories, plus a wide range of fashion accessories. 

In addition, the Ulta men in the Men and Kids departments will also be adding men’s underwear to their collection, which will include men’s briefs, briefs and T-shirts. 

Additionally, Ultamax will be rolling out men’s hats and hoodies, and new Men’s Footwear will be hitting stores in March. 

More details will be announced in the coming months, but Ulta promises to have a “bold and ambitious lineup” for men’s products for the spring and summer seasons. 

For more information, visit the Ultamas Men’s website and click here for the Men’s Club store.