When men don’t fit into cool suits, they wear suits that suit up

Posted October 06, 2018 08:23:07 Men who wear suits to work or for a party can be seen as a bit of a novelty by women.

But for some men, the choice of clothes for work is less of an anomaly.

Men’s Cool Clothing has been helping the world’s most creative and creative men change the way they look and feel at work for more than 30 years.

“For the men who work in the IT industry or who work remotely, a lot of times, we’ve seen that a lot are getting tired of their suits and they want something that’s a little more comfortable and stylish,” founder Tim Stapleton said.

“It’s not just about being cool, it’s about being comfortable.”

He said that if a man wanted something that was comfortable and fashionable, he could find it online or at a store, but he wanted something to look good.

“We don’t have a whole lot of time to spend shopping for suits, but the guys who wear the suits, that’s the one time they’re really going to do it,” Mr Stapley said.

The company, based in the northern NSW town of Maitland, makes men’s cool suits and men’s bottoms, and also men’s hats and jackets.

Mr Staplyton said a lot men were going to wear a suit for work, but not for an event. “

So the men’s suits are designed to look cool but still comfortable,” Mr Trew said.

Mr Staplyton said a lot men were going to wear a suit for work, but not for an event.

The company has an extensive range of men’s clothing for work including T-shirts, sweaters, coats and jeans.

It also sells a range of women’s clothing including pants and shoes.

Mr Stopley said men were sometimes forced to wear suits at work just to fit in, but that sometimes the suit was too big or too short.

When a man walked into a shop for the first time, he might have to look up, or he might not even see the person in the shop.

“I’d go into a big business, a bigger store, and there might be people walking around wearing suits, and they were just looking for the biggest and the best, so you can imagine how many times you’ve seen the same thing,” he said.

Mr Trew’s advice to young men is to buy suits that fit you, because they can help make the world a little bit more comfortable for the rest of your life.

If you’ve got a problem with your suit, Mr Stankley said there’s always the option to buy one off the rack.

But for Mr Stapeley, it was important for young men to keep their personal style.

“A lot of them don’t look at it, and so if they do, they might just get confused,” he says.

“They’re not seeing the benefits of that.

So if you don’t feel comfortable, that can lead to a lot more confusion.”

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