WATCH: Man in Kansas hat says he won’t stop wearing it

The man who wore a Kansas men’s hockey helmet that made headlines last year has a new take on the look.

Trevor Martin said he won $25,000 at a men’s nightwear contest at the Kansas City Royals game.

Martin said he thought it was a great idea to wear the helmet, which featured a giant black outline on top.

But his friend and fellow man, Josh Baskins, said he didn’t buy it.

He said the hat was a bad idea, too.

“I can’t stand the whole black outline,” Baskin said.

“It’s not comfortable.

It’s not fashionable.

It makes me uncomfortable.”

Martin said his friends said the black outline is to make it look more like a hockey mask, but he didn, too, he said.

“The idea of wearing that on a helmet, that’s the furthest thing from my mind,” Martin said.

A spokesperson for the Kansas Royals said the team does not comment on individual player matters.

The team released a statement Monday saying, “We respect the opinion of Trevor Martin on the black helmet he wore at the end of the night.”

Martin told ABC News he’s worn the helmet since high school.

“My parents have told me that’s how I dress and how I act, and I’ve been wearing that since I was 5 years old,” Martin told ABC affiliate KCTV5.

“It’s something that you wear when you’re playing hockey, because it’s so comfortable.

You don’t have to put it on your head like a helmet does.”

The Kansas City Police Department said it’s investigating the incident.