The men’s cooling hats that will never go away

The men are wearing their cool-weather hats on the court, but the university is not.

In a move that has angered the university, men’s hockey has announced it will cease selling men’s hats as soon as its $500,000 fundraising campaign ends.

The men’s men’s ice hockey team, known as the Georgetown Hoyas, is a private and not-for-profit university and the university said the sale of the hats will cease immediately.

The team’s website says it has been supported by the University of Southern California, the University at Albany, the National Women’s Hockey League and the Ontario Hockey League.

A university spokesman confirmed the announcement on Wednesday.

“We have no plans to discontinue our sponsorship with the Georgetown team,” said the university spokesman, Robert Jaffe.

“However, the university will cease all revenue support for the team.”

Our goal for the campaign was to raise enough money to purchase the hats and support the men’s team.

We have made significant progress on this goal and we are confident the team will reach our fundraising goal in the near future.

“The Hoyas announced on Tuesday that they would buy the hats for $500 each and donate them to the men, who play in the American Hockey League’s Metropolitan Division.

The decision by the university follows a similar move by women’s ice-hockey team, the Boston Blades, in January, when it pledged to buy 100,000 hats to raise $500 for the men and $500 to the women’s hockey team.

The women’s men have been using the mens hats on home ice since 2011.

The announcement that the hats would cease operations came a day after the Hoyas confirmed they would end their relationship with the university.”

This was a decision that we made as a group that had to make, and that we have to be honest with each other,” said Hoyas coach Jeff Anderson.”

I’m a little frustrated that the university didn’t make a decision at the right time.

It’s just been an incredibly difficult time for the university.

“In a statement, Hoyas director of communications, Jennifer Wylie, said the decision was not based on any financial considerations, but on the team’s desire to help the university make its fundraising goal of $1 million.”

As a team that’s always been about trying to be good stewards of the money that comes in, and we’re doing that right now, we’ve decided to take a step back,” she said.”

The Hoyases goal of raising $1.1 million for men’s athletic scholarships is a top priority for us, so we’ve made a decision to focus on this as a team.

“In September, the team donated a new men’s water polo team jersey to Georgetown, and on Wednesday, the Hoyases new hockey apparel supplier donated a water polos jersey to the team for a donation of $150.”

It was important to us to help this university to reach this goal,” said Wylies.”

Hopefully, the donations of the water poloes will help make that happen, and hopefully we can help them in their fundraising efforts to raise that money.

“The school announced on Wednesday it would no longer be collecting donations for the hockey team and the men.”

Our support is with the men,” Anderson added.””

This is something that we’ve been working on for some time and we hope to get to this goal.”

“Our support is with the men,” Anderson added.

“They’re our best fans and we appreciate the support that they give us, and I think that’s why it’s been so rewarding for us to have them.”

The university said it would donate the hats to a men’s hospital.