Men’s volleyball players are in court for court case after shooting of alleged sexual assault

Seven men’s volleyballers are due to appear in court next month in relation to an alleged sexual attack on an unnamed woman in Sydney.

Key points:The court case will see the men’s players appear in personThe court will hear the charges against the unnamed womanThe court heard the alleged victim was walking in the Gold Coast area on the day the alleged assault took placeA former NSW police officer has been charged in relation with the incidentThe court hearing is expected to last two weeksThe men’s men’s basketball team will appear in the Sydney Magistrates Court on January 18 for the hearing, which could see them face trial.

The accused is a former NSW Police officer and the woman is a 21-year-old woman who was walking alone in the Sunshine Coast suburb of Gold Coast on January 15.

The court is expected next month to hear the case.

A spokesperson for the NSW Police Force told the ABC that the investigation was ongoing.

“The NSW Police Service will conduct a thorough investigation into the alleged incident.

The NSW Paramedic Service is aware of the incident and is liaising with the NSW Health Service to support the family and the victims,” the spokesperson said.”NSW Police are also aware of other alleged incidents that are being investigated by the police and the NSW Defence Force.”

The women’s basketball squad has been on court since October last year.

The players’ names were not released to the media.

A spokesman for the Sydney Paramedics Service said it was investigating the incident.

“As with any serious incident involving an EMS patient, the paramedic service is aware that this patient is currently receiving care from the NSW Paramex Service and has been advised of their contact details,” he said.

The club has been the subject of an international investigation by the Australian Human Rights Commission into the handling of sexual assault cases.

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