Woman pleads guilty to ‘maniacal grooming’

A woman who allegedly groomed two men to have sex with her has pleaded guilty to the offence.

Key points:Sophie Loughlin, 31, and John McBride, 33, both pleaded guilty last week to a charge of “maniacic grooming”The offences occurred in New Zealand and QueenslandIn court, Loughlins victim said the abuse had “been ongoing” for more than a decadeThe offences were committed between October 2015 and April 2016, when they allegedly groombed two men, both aged between 18 and 21, in a rural part of Queensland.

Sophia Loughins sentencing hearing was adjourned to Wednesday and the pair will face sentencing in October.

Ms Loughin is due to be sentenced on March 12.

Her alleged victim said she was groomed by her as she worked as a prostitute in New York, California and New Zealand.

“I would sit down with her and we would discuss sexual preferences, sexual preferences of what we would like to do, what we were looking for,” the victim told the court.

“She would say that she loved being sexually assaulted.

She would be extremely persistent, she would tell me, ‘you’re a beautiful girl’.” She said that in some cases, the pair would groom each other.”

She was a really bad girl.

She was always trying to get me to do things I wouldn’t normally do, to get into trouble,” she said.

The alleged victim also told the sentencing hearing that Loughinson would tell her that she had the ability to get away with things because of her “beautiful, pretty face”.

“I was always being looked at, always being given the opportunity to be a little bit different, so that she would feel like she was able to do whatever she wanted,” she told the hearing.

“That’s what made me so scared to say no.”

The woman, who was aged between 21 and 25 at the time of the offences, said she did not report the incidents to police or seek help.

The sentencing hearing heard that she was aware of the offence and believed she was the victim of “toxic masculinity”.

In a statement, the victim said Loughis actions towards her were “disturbing”.

“She is the person that caused my pain and it’s only because of the attention she has received and because of my courage that I am now able to seek help,” she wrote.

“The abuse I suffered from Sophie is horrific and I would like people to know that I will always fight for the rights of women and children and to be supported.”

She said she wanted the judge to know “that she has been an amazing role model for me”.

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