How to Make a Gorilla Slide on a Desktop Computer

The slide is created by sliding the entire slide, which is then secured in place by a glue-like adhesive.

There are a number of ways you can make your own Gorilla slide.

We recommend the following:Use your own glue-y stuff like a small tube of glue or a couple of strips of masking tape.

Gently push the slide onto the desktop.

Slide the slide over the desk and you should have something like this:The glue-wrench is handy to make sure the slide is perfectly level, and the glue is fully applied.

Slide it over the desktop again and it should look like this now:The final piece of the puzzle is to attach it to a piece of paper that you’ll put into a container with the glue and a small bowl to soak it up.

If you’re using masking adhesive, then you can apply the glue directly to the paper to make it easy to remove later.

Once you have the slide mounted, you’ll need to place it on a piece with your mouse or your other hand to position it correctly.

Once the slide’s orientation is correct, you can remove the glue from the slide, slide it onto the paper, and repeat the process until you have a fully functional Gorilla.

This is one of the easiest ways to make your Gorilla slides and we’ve found that it can also be the most rewarding and time-saving.

If all else fails, we recommend you try the other methods below.