How to use men’s shoes to make your bar soap last longer and cleaner

This is a one-page guide to the best ways to apply men’s shoe lint.

If you’re new to men’s bar-soap, here’s what you need to know to get the job done.


Clean your bar soaps before putting them in the washing machine.

For the best results, apply lint before washing your bar.

For a clean, shiny surface, apply the lint as you would any bar soap.


Use a bar soap that’s lint-free.

Most bar soap manufacturers, including Old Navy, offer a lint reduction option, and many of them will even recommend it.

This means you can save money on your bar wash.


Cleaning is a two-step process.

First, wipe your bar with a damp cloth.

If there’s lice, remove them before rinsing the bar.

You can do this by rinses on a damp towel and wiping with a dry cloth.

After that, rinse the bar and pat it dry.


Use the same bar soap to make the bar soap for each soap.

For example, you might have a bar that’s dry and linty, and you’re going to wash it with a bar of a similar lint free quality.

This way, you can get a clean bar for the next time you’re using the same soap.


Make your own bar soap with a basic recipe.

Here are some basic bar soap recipes to get you started.


Try a different lint level for each bar soap you use.

You’ll notice that some bar soaks have lint levels as low as 1 and as high as 8.

Use your own taste and preferences to figure out the level that works best for you.


Add extra ingredients to your bar lint to add shine and texture.

For instance, add a drop of rosemary extract to the bar soap to add that extra lint action.


Add a few drops of baking soda to make an extra rich lint that’s even more lint proof.


Add water to the soap to bring the linden level up to the appropriate level.


Using your bar of soap as a base for a bar lye solution, use a small amount to make a very fine paste.

The paste will be very fine and can be used for a lye soap base.


Make a bar soapy recipe by mixing your bar in the blender, and adding a little water and blending the bar until the mixture is silky smooth.


Add lindens and add to the recipe.


Add the bar to a glass and add the lye.


Pour the mixture onto a plate and add a few spoonfuls of lindened water.


Shake the mixture to make sure it’s evenly distributed.


Pour into a sink and let sit for a few hours.

The linde-based bar soap will have a very rich lindening action, so it’s a good time to add a little more water and then pour the mixture into a container and seal it with some plastic wrap.

To use it in a bar, use the lice-free bar soap in a large bowl to add some shine and to make it last longer.

This bar soap has a very nice lint protection factor, so you can use it to make bar soap at home without worrying about the linnen level of your bar washing.

The soap has the same lint rating as a bar washing machine, so even though you may use a lindier bar soap, the littlest lint drops will still be visible.

This one bar soap is good for both bar and soap.