Which men’s cardigans are most popular?

More men’s jackets are selling for a second consecutive year, according to data compiled by New York-based retailer Men’s Warehouse, but not everyone is buying them.

The latest data collected by the retailer from more than 10,000 retailers shows that men’s men’s shirts are still the most popular brand among men.

The brand’s overall sales have been rising steadily over the past three years, increasing nearly 25 percent annually.

However, sales of the men’s brand’s fleecote cardigans have also grown by 20 percent annually over the same period.

The fleece cards feature a wide-body design, and feature pockets and pockets on the sleeves, which is a trend that men are increasingly embracing.

Men’s Warehouse’s data also shows that sales of men’s casual and casual-wear clothing are up by 15 percent annually, but sales of sportswear are down 8 percent annually compared to last year.

Men’s shirts still sell best in warmer climates.

Women’s clothing sales also grew by 9 percent annually this year, but the overall clothing market saw a 9 percent decline in 2016.

This decline could be due to the rising costs of clothing and clothing accessories.

The data also suggests that women’s clothing, especially women’s skirts, may be more expensive than men’s because women are spending more time in the house.

Women also continue to purchase more sportswares, and are now spending more on shoes and shoeshirts than men.

This trend could be partly a result of men taking longer to get a job and being more likely to go to college, according the New York Times.

Women still spend the most on apparel, however, and men are spending less.

This could be because men are buying more casual clothing, and because they are spending their money on other items such as shoes and socks.

Men also are spending on food and accessories, which may be part of the reason for the growth of men-only shopping in the marketplace.

Women continue to have more options, but they are also more expensive.

Women are still spending more, and women are still buying more clothes than men, according this data.