Why the Houston Men’s Basketball team is getting a brand new men’s nursing shoe in 2016

The Houston Rockets are getting a new men�s nursing shoe, and it�s called the men�vintage shoe.

The men� vintage shoes have been on the market for more than two years and they�ve sold well in the Houston market.

The Rockets are buying the shoes and are expecting them to be a big hit.

They also have been making the mens-vintage shoes in-house for a few years now.

It�s a good time for Houston men’s team, as the team has been looking to improve.

Houston has the No. 4 overall ranking in the league in 3-pointers made per game and is in first place in the West with a 21.6 3-point percentage.

The team also has been winning at a high level in the regular season, as they have won 14 of their last 15 games.

That includes the last 14 games, when they went 10-1.

Houston is in a strong position to make a run in the playoffs for the first time since 2009.

They�ve won five straight games and are in a great position to have a good chance at the second seed.

They can clinch the division with wins over Sacramento and Phoenix, as well as wins over Golden State, Denver and Portland.

The Rockets will wear the men’s vintage shoe on the court for the next six games.

The game against the Sacramento Kings will be the first of the six games, and the game against Portland will be their final one before the playoffs.

Houston will wear their men� Vintage shoe on March 6 against the Utah Jazz.

The men� women�s basketball team is still in the process of buying its own men� vintage shoe, but the team is looking to make it a bigger seller.

They have already purchased a pair of men� and women� vintages for women.

The new mens and women` vintage shoe will be released in the next couple of months.The women� men� basketball team has made a good run this season.

It finished the regular-season with a 9-0 record, but it has not won a game since Feb. 3. The women� basketball coach, Jill Riley, told USA Today Sports on Tuesday that she is looking forward to the new menvintage men� shoes.

The coach also said the team will not buy the women�vintages as long as the women still have a chance to make the NCAA Tournament.

The Houston women� women’s basketball team wore its men�Vintage shoes for the last two games, but they are looking forward for the new shoes.

They will wear them for the upcoming games against the Oregon Ducks on Feb. 6.

Houston will wear a men� men’s and women’s women�Vintages on the sidelines during the women’s Basketball Challenge.

They are scheduled to wear them during the next two games against Washington on Feb