A better way to read the headlines: ‘Dirty Little Secrets’

Women’s tennis is back.

And women’s basketball is back, too.

The best of the best are back, which is a good thing.

This article will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision on which team to support.

First, a quick refresher.

First off, the teams that are currently in action are: Michigan State University, Duke University, Michigan State, Illinois State, and Indiana University.

The rest of the teams are currently undecided.

That means you’ll have a good amount of time to decide whether to go with your gut or to watch them play.

Let’s start with the players. 

Duke vs. Michigan State The Fighting Illini and Wolverines are both coming off of their best seasons since 2000.

They finished the year ranked among the nation’s top 25 teams, and were a top-10 team again in 2017. 

Michigan State has had some ups and downs over the past two seasons, and while they’ve come close to a championship, they’ve struggled to compete with the best in the country.

The Wolverines have a strong resume, including five consecutive NCAA Tournament appearances, and have two All-Americans in sophomore forward Alex Poythress and freshman forward Dylan Hildebrandt.

They’ll be playing the Wildcats on Saturday, and I don’t see a lot of upsets coming for Michigan State. 

Indiana vs. Illinois Indiana has been a perennial top-25 team for a while now, and they haven’t exactly done anything to earn their way back into the conversation.

Indiana has played well in their past three games, but I think the Hoosiers will come out flat and let Indiana take this one.

Indiana is a great team, but they’re not great in the regular season.

This is a game where they have the opportunity to take their foot off the gas and show the rest of their conference what they’re made of. 

Illinois State vs. Duke University Illinois is a big favorite against Duke.

The Blue Devils have been a top 10 team in the AP poll for a few years now, but haven’t reached the NCAA Tournament since 2012.

Illinois has had a lot to prove this season, and if they can come out and play like they did last year, I think this will be a good match-up.

Duke is coming off a big win over North Carolina last week.

The Wolfpack lost to Louisville on Monday night, but beat Maryland on Tuesday night.

Duke is coming in with a new coach and a new system, and has a lot riding on their play this weekend.

Michigan vs. Northwestern University Michigan has been playing better lately, and Northwestern is a team that’s been able to keep their head above water after a year of losing.

The Badgers have a big schedule this weekend, and Michigan is a tough team to beat.

They have three players in the top-100 in the nation, and will look to get out to a big lead in the first half of the game. Indiana vs