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When I first started skating, I didn’t know how to get my first pair.

I was the youngest kid in my high school, and I just wanted to get out there and show everybody that I was special, so I just wore those skate shoes, but it was a very limited amount of time.

My first pair came at age 13, and it was the first pair that I actually really liked.

And that’s when I really got into skateboarding.

It was like, Oh, this is really fun, and there’s no way that I’m going to be able to wear that forever.

But that’s what happened.

After that first pair, I just started to go out and get my friends.

And when you’re young, you can go to skateboarding events and you don’t really know how much of your life you’re going to have.

And I didn’st know how far ahead I was.

So when I started skating at a younger age, I was able to skate for a little while.

I had a few friends that were really into it, and then I started getting to skate more and more, and the amount of skating that I did was really, really good.

And then I just got really into doing it.

It became a passion of mine, and once I was getting to a certain point, I started thinking about it more and started doing a little bit more.

When I was about 15, I would skate around my neighborhood, and all of the skate shops in town would sell me skateboards.

And so it became something that I kind of took very seriously.

It really just kind of evolved into my current life, and now I just get to do a lot of things.

What’s your favorite thing about skateboarding?

I love skateboarding because it’s just really fun.

It’s a lot different than other sports, so it’s kind of like a whole different thing.

What was your favorite skateboarding moment?

The first time I got my first skateboard was at the same time that I had my first skates.

And it was probably the first time that my skateboarding style really got me into the world.

I guess I was just a little younger than a lot a people that I knew, and we all did our own things and I thought, “I want to be like you guys,” so I ended up getting a pair and I was really stoked.

So my favorite skateboard moment has been definitely my first time skating in my mom’s basement.

I’m not sure what it was, but I just remember that it was kind of a really weird experience, and my mom was like a lot older than me, so she was like like, “Oh, you know, you’re supposed to skate!”

And I was like “No, Mom, I’m supposed to get on my board!”

So she ended up trying to get me off, and she ended the ride and ended up being like, No, you should get off, you don