Men’s health clinics open in China

Chinese health care authorities are opening men’s health care clinics in two Chinese provinces, in the latest step in the country’s plan to modernise the countrys health system.

The two provinces, Shaanxi and Zhejiang, each have about one million people, and each has about 500 clinics.

China is the world’s largest exporter of men’s care products, with a population of about 4.3 billion.

The opening of the clinics comes a week after Beijing announced that the National Health and Family Planning Commission had approved the opening of about 1,200 clinics in the two provinces.

The health ministry in Beijing has said that the clinics will help people with health problems and help them improve their life chances.

“We are opening more than 1,300 health centres in the provinces of Shaanxiang and Zhaoxiang,” an official from Shaanxia’s health ministry told AFP news agency.

“This will allow the state to expand health services to more people and bring more people into the healthcare system,” she said.

In the past, the two countries have had a shared health care system, with the US supplying vaccines and drugs and China supplying medicines.

But there has been criticism of the quality of the systems and the quality and safety of services.

In September, a report by the UN Human Rights Council said the two nations had no effective system of screening for HIV/AIDS and that poor access to services, lack of medical supervision and poor communication among officials contributed to the high death rates among people who tested positive.

A separate report from the US Department of Health and Human Services said that HIV testing for people living with HIV/Aids is often inaccurate, and that testing is not provided on a timely basis, and often leads to false positive results.