When NFL players go back to shampoo

The NFL is finally going back to their beloved “old school” shampoo after the league and players’ union reached a $6.9 billion settlement over an alleged health and safety breach.

Article Continued BelowThe agreement, which was announced Thursday in a court filing, ends a dispute over the long-held dispute over players using a different brand of shampoo called “Mondelez” in their hair and faces.

The NFL said in a statement that the agreement “will provide certainty for our players, our coaches and our fans for the foreseeable future.”

The league said the settlement covers players who use the original, non-branded product and players who have been exposed to a contaminated product from an NFL-affiliated company.

The settlement was approved by the NFL’s independent arbitrator, former Federal Trade Commission attorney Richard Berman, and is subject to approval by the league’s five-member arbitrator and commissioner.

In a statement, the players’ association said it is pleased the settlement is in place and “has been finalized as we have long sought.”

“We are pleased to have reached a resolution with the NFL to help prevent this type of litigation from continuing,” the players said.

“This is the first step in making this a safe environment for all.”

The settlement also gives the NFL time to decide whether to take further steps to protect players from exposure to a new product, which it hopes to begin commercializing in 2019.

The league will be required to release a list of players who were exposed to contaminated products, the statement said.

In April, the league received a $4 billion settlement from the NCAA over its use of performance-enhancing drugs, which the union said led to more than 10,000 players and coaches suffering adverse health effects.

The new settlement covers all players and their families, including players with family members who were affected.