The ‘Men’s Clothing for Men’ Kickstarter is now live – but you have to be a guy to get it!

Now that the campaign has closed, the crowdfunding site has opened up its doors to all backers, offering men’s clothes for men as well as women’s clothing.

The campaign will run until November 28, and will take a minimum of $1,000, which will cover a variety of rewards and other perks.

The first reward is a pair of men’s men’s shoes, which is made from a durable, water-resistant, synthetic rubber material.

It comes in a variety with a variety price points, but the cheapest option is a $75 pair that comes in grey, red, and blue.

The shoes are made from the same material as the shoes worn by men on TV, so they’ll be durable enough for everyday wear, and there’s a good chance that they’ll work out to be comfortable enough to wear in public without a sock.

They’ll also be water resistant, meaning that the shoe will stay wet even if you do wear them indoors or on a boat.

The other reward is the men’s necklace, which comes in silver, blue, and pink.

It has a loop on the end that can be used to tie the bracelet, and it’s a very good looking and well made accessory.

They’re both pretty cool looking, and the design is a nice nod to Men’s Clothing For Men.

You can still pledge for the men only reward, and you’ll still be able to pick up the men-only shoes.

The Men’s Necklace Reward will only be available through the Men’s Shoes for Men campaign, so it will only take you a few minutes to put in your pledge.

You’ll get one pair of white and two pairs of grey, one white pair and one grey pair.

It’s a pretty simple reward, but if you want the men and women-only options, it’ll save you a bit of money.

The second reward is an extra set of men and men’s necklace earrings, which are available in silver and black, and have a nice bow on one side, and a simple bow on the other.

They come in a nice variety of sizes and styles, so if you’re into a particular style, it’s an option that’s going to be very easy to pick out.

The third reward is for men and mannequins, which come in white and black.

They have bows on each side, which means that you can put them on in any combination you want.

They will come in either men or women-sized.

They are pretty similar in look and look a lot alike, so you’ll definitely want to pick one of the options that is a little more fitting for your needs.

If you’re not into the Men and Men Only reward, you can still pick up a men’s and woman-only pair of boots, which have a black leather sole and a red leather sole.

They cost $40 each, and come in various sizes, including men’s sizes 7, 8, and 9.

You get two pairs, which you can either wear in the evening or at home.

If they’re really important to you, you could also go with a pair in white, which has a white leather sole that you could put on your feet and wear on your commute to work.

If that’s not something you’re a fan of, you might want to opt for the Women and Women Only reward instead.

The final reward is women’s wristwatches, which look pretty much like the Men Men wristwires.

They can be worn on their wrist, or you can wear them on their fingertips, and are a bit more comfortable to wear on the wrist.

The Women’s Wristwatch Reward is available through this campaign as well, and is the only reward available through Men’s Boots for Men.

It’ll come in the same color as the Men shoes, and comes with a strap on the back that is similar to the men shoes.

You pick up one pair for $80.

It also comes in men and woman sizes, which should allow you to pick your preference and wear it wherever you like.

You don’t get any extra features, so this is a really simple option for most people.

If these aren’t your thing, there’s also a Women’s Beads and Necklace reward that comes with white and blue, white and green, and white and grey.

It costs $60, and has a strap that’s the same size as the men shoe.

The women’s beads are made out of silicone, which isn’t as water-resistant as the white or black beads, but they’re a little heavier than the men, and also look a little bit more like the men.

If it’s something that you like, the beads will probably be the more practical option, but you’ll probably want to choose the white and the grey.

There’s also the Men Shoes for Women reward, which includes a Men Men