Which men’s group is the most misogynistic?

A men’s movement, a global movement for men’s equality, is at the forefront of this fight for equality, says a group of women in the Indian capital, New Delhi.

The women of The Men’s Foundation for the Prevention of Rape, which is based in New Delhi, were invited by the New Delhi government to present their latest report on the state of men’s affairs at the inauguration of the New York-based Global Forum for Men’s Issues (GFMEA).

The event, organised by the foundation in partnership with the National Council of Men’s Associations (NCMA), was held on December 10 at the New Museum in New York.

“I am thrilled that a large number of Indian men and women were invited to participate in the forum,” said Sushmita Sharma, one of the founders of the foundation.

The group aims to ensure that the men’s agenda is heard in New India, said Dr. N. Srivastava, who chaired the forum.

The forum is a joint initiative between the NCCMA and GFMEA.

The men’s foundation, which was founded in 2002, is the first and only one of its kind in the world.

It is based on the principles of equality and is working to improve the lives of men and boys.

In India, the foundation has been trying to raise awareness and promote the fight against sexual harassment, rape, violence and exploitation of women and girls.

The foundation has also launched an online platform, where the participants can share their experiences.

“The men’s issue has always been a sensitive issue, but it has come to a new level recently.

Men and boys are coming out in a bigger way to fight the issue,” said Pradeep N. Das, a leader of the men group, in an interview with The Hindu.

The meeting in New New York was held to celebrate the foundation’s 50th anniversary.

“This was a very important event,” said Sharma, adding that the foundation is working on setting up a website and app.

The new app, which will be launched later this year, will help men to find the information and resources they need.

The app will help them to share their experience with other men.

“We have been organising events for a long time.

It has always made a big impact on the minds of men,” Sharma said.

He said the men are concerned about a changing society, and the rise of a new generation of feminists.

“Women are becoming the majority in the workforce.

There is a need for more awareness of men in the society,” he said.

According to the NMC, there were 1,521,914 men who have been assaulted in India in 2016.

About 1,13,000 of them were women.

There were more than 8,000 rapes in the country.

In 2017, there was a sharp increase in cases of sexual harassment and rape.

Sharma said the foundation wants to ensure this issue is not forgotten.

“Our mission is to protect men from abuse, to protect the rights of men, and to prevent abuse from happening in the first place,” he told The Hindu, adding, “It is time to remember what we were taught in school and what our fathers taught us.”

He said that the government should take a proactive approach in addressing the problem.

“If the government is not proactive in tackling the issue, men will be beaten up and killed,” Sharma added.

The Women’s Foundation of India, which also has a presence in New Mumbai, also participated in the event.

Dr. Anand Gupta, president of the organisation, said the forum had been organised in the context of addressing issues of violence against women.

“Men are victims of domestic violence, and they are also victims of sexual violence, but the government has not been proactive in addressing these issues,” he explained.

Gupta also pointed out that there was much work to be done in terms of education.

“Education is the best solution to prevent women from being raped, and we should not forget that education is the only solution,” he added.