How NBA players made their mark on men’s tennis

A group of college basketball players have turned their passion for the game into a charity organization that helps kids in need.

The men’s boutique team of Andrew Davis, a freshman at Georgia State University, and Brandon Denson, a senior at the University of Kentucky, decided to give back to the community and build their business by donating $500,000 to the men’s sports teams at Georgia Tech and Vanderbilt.

Davis, who played on the Bulldogs men’s team and graduated with a degree in sports management, and Denson were among the men who met with CEO and president of the Men’s Tennis Association, Brian Smith, last year.

“We were really impressed with Brian and the whole team at Georgia and Vanderbilt,” Davis said.

“They all really made us feel welcome and really appreciated what we were doing for their community.

Denson said he has a similar goal, but will use his money to create an apparel line for the teams to sell to fans in need of clothing.

After playing college basketball, Davis went on to attend the University the Georgia Institute of Technology, graduating in 2019 with a B.A. in English.

Smith said the three men have made the trip to meet with athletes, parents and coaches, including former college basketball star Chris Walker.

During their meeting, Smith said the players wanted to use the money to help raise money for charities.

He said the boys hope to open a new boutique store on campus.

If you’re going to be a college student, you want to be able to make a difference,” Smith said.

While they are focused on building their own brand, Davis said they are still trying to convince the men they are the best in the business and that the business model of selling shirts and apparel to help others can help create a bigger impact.

That goal is something the men are determined to achieve, but also have to work towards.

“We want to do things to help the guys and the kids in our community, and that’s something we are really passionate about,” Davis told NBC News.

I’ve been lucky to have a lot of coaches and teammates who have been really supportive of me.

The most important thing is the kids, the kids don’t have to worry about their clothes.