Men’s grooming gear sale heats up as retailers take a look at men’s fashion

The men’s wearhouses and men’s groomers are on a shopping spree.

But not everyone is feeling as festive as the sales at the men’s accessories store in the Capitol Mall.

As retailers across the country are scrambling to get ready for the holiday shopping season, men’s hair and nail salons are offering a special sale on men’s clothing and accessories to help customers get back to work, while others are trying to offer their customers a better deal on Christmas gifts.

The Men’s Wearhouse Sale began at 8 a.m. on Thursday.

It’s one of the biggest sales of the year and is the second biggest in the chain’s history.

That’s the way it’s been since it opened in October, said John D. Hinkle, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Men’swear.

For now, the sale is limited to men’s and women’s clothing, but Hinkle said the chain is looking to expand it to other categories, including shoes and accessories.

The store’s sale, which includes men’s coats, shirts, pants and accessories, includes everything from men’s shoes to mens accessories, Hinkle added.

But a few of the items were priced at a higher rate than other items.

For instance, the mens coat was $99.99, while the men shirt was $89.99.

A men’s tie was $129.99 while a men’s jacket was $79.99 and a mens scarf was $69.99.

“The goal is to try to find the right deal for everybody,” Hinkle told The Washington Post.

“We want to make sure the people who are trying on our clothes are happy.”

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