How to celebrate men’s and women’s day with a cocktail

A few years ago, when the women’s basketball team’s season ended, I asked a group of friends if they could help me with a “man’s day”.

I was hoping to help a group I was a part of, and it would be a good time to have a drink.

It turned out that they were right, as I shared a glass of vodka and a shot of rum with one of the guys.

The men’s team is an interesting group, and they have a lot of players that are passionate about their sport.

They were there to celebrate their success, but they also shared a few stories about the team, the culture and the love of their sport that is so special.

For me, it was a perfect time to share some stories with my friend about what it means to be a man in this game.

“A man’s day” is a celebration of men’s accomplishments and accomplishments that are unique to this particular team.

This is why, for the men, it’s a very important day to celebrate.

“A man is an individual who has done his part to contribute to society,” said captain Adam Kranz, who also played for the Hawks.

“He’s done all that he can to make a difference, and so it is very important that we honour that.”

Kranz’s point is simple: a man is the most important person in the world, and a man deserves recognition for what he has done.

He is someone who has put his work in, and is trying to make it big in life.

“It is important to look at your work ethic and work ethic, your dedication to your teammates and your work and dedication to the game, your work to achieve a certain goal, to get to the top level,” Krans said.

Kranez is the only one in the team who wears the team’s gold, and he has also become an inspiration for many on the team.

He has made it clear that, no matter what the level of the team is, a man’s success is not going to come without sacrifices.

The Hawks will have to overcome many hurdles to win games, and Kranzi’s work ethic will be one of them.

“You can’t get a lot more pride from what you’ve achieved in the game than when you’ve put your life on the line to get a win,” he said.

“So if I was to lose, I don’t know how I would feel.

But you know what, that’s part of the job.

It’s not like I’ve got a job, but it’s part-time and it’s something I do.”

The Hawks’ players also take pride in their achievements and how they are seen by other people.

The pride and determination that the men’s teams has shown is something that is reflected in the way they are treated in the media, and what is said about the men in general.

It’s a message the men share in the same way that women’s teams share their pride and achievement.

For the men to have this kind of support and this kind, it really means a lot.

For many of the Hawks, this is their first experience of celebrating men’s achievements in a professional sports environment, and many have been told by friends, teammates, coaches and family that it’s not easy to celebrate a milestone like this in Australia.

There’s something about men’s sporting achievements that is unique to Australia.

Men’s basketball is the fastest growing sport in the country, and there are many players who have gone on to achieve significant achievements.

But to celebrate those achievements and have this type of support, this kind and support from their community, it is a very special moment.

“The best thing I can say is that you have to have an opportunity to have some sort of honour, so I’m just happy to be in the moment and do what I can to honour that,” Kranez said.

The women’s team plays in the NAB Women’s Football League and has a strong fan base in the Sydney suburb of Glenelg.

As a proud member of the Australian Football League, the Hawks have been invited to a few home games in recent years.

In 2016, they had a game against a team from Brisbane, where Kranzl had been born, and the players took part in a celebration.

In 2016, Kranza was selected to the All Australian team and became the first Australian player to be named the All-Australian team.

He was also voted a member of Australia’s Team of the Year.

This year, Kranezi was voted the All Star in the competition for the best all-round player, while he is one of three players to have been named a Brownlow Medal contender.

“To get recognised in the All Aussies team is incredible,” Kramz said, adding that he hopes to be recognised as an All Australian next year.

The players