Hanes, Hanes announces new men’s and women’s underwear line

Hanes and Hanes announced a new men and women-oriented line for men, a range of underwear and underwear accessories.

The Hanes Men’s Womenswear line includes men’s underwear and accessories from the Hanes brand, as well as other products from brands including Burt’s Bees, H&M, Under Armour and American Eagle Outfitters.

The company is the latest in a long line of major U.S. retailers to launch a women-focused line.

In February, H-Mart said it was adding women’s and children’s underwear to its line.

In an online video announcing the new line, Hane said it would offer men’s clothing in all sizes and styles.

The new line includes women’s undergarments, shorts, pants and socks.

“We’re excited to welcome women to the H-Men family,” Hane chief marketing officer Chris Odom said in a statement.

“They’ll love our men’s line and know they’re in good hands with us.”

The new line is Hanes’ latest foray into the market, which has seen its share of men’s fashion products double since the recession, according to Hanes.

In the U.K., the company sold more than 100 million underwear and socks in the first six months of this year, a figure that’s up 20% from a year ago.

The new Hanes men line, which includes a range from the company’s premium-priced Hanes Signature range to the more affordable Hanes Basic range, will be available in men’s sizes S-XXL from August.

The Hanes women line, the company said, will launch in June.