Which pair of cowboy boots will you wear on your first hike?

If you’re new to hiking, you’ll want to know which pair of boots you can trust to survive the cold.

Whether you’re just getting into it or are planning a trip for the long haul, you should start by checking out the two boots on the list.

If you’ve ever been stranded on a deserted trail in a cold environment, you know how that feeling can be.

You need to be ready for the cold, and the cowboy boots can provide that comfort.

These boots come in all different styles, and they’re designed for hiking on snow or snowshoes.

You can expect to pay more for the boots than most hiking boots, but they’re made with the utmost care to keep you warm and dry.

If that’s not enough to convince you to invest in one of these boots, you could always buy a pack of them.

The two models below offer a comfortable, stylish look and are perfect for both men and women.