Men’s Boots to Get New Design, More Innovative Features from CEO Danner

The makers of the world’s most famous men’s leather boots are set to make big changes to their products.CEO Danner Men’s Bikes is partnering with the makers of popular men’s shoes to create new models that offer more innovation and better comfort.

The two companies will unveil a new line of men’s running shoes called The Rivet and The Rattle that will be made with a synthetic material that is softer and less rigid than leather, which is also made from synthetic materials.

The new shoe will be available in two sizes, running and casual.

The Rilets will come in three colors, brown, gray and black.

The shoes will also feature a unique leather upper that will include a removable mesh strip that will allow the wearer to choose between a “seamless” or “glove-like” fit.

The Rivets are expected to retail for about $700.

The brand has not yet announced pricing for the casual Rattle.