Watch: Kerala coach Manohar Shetty says team is good to play

KUMAR: Kerala basketball coach Manohan Shetty has said his team is in good shape to face the top-seeded Kerala Jayasuriya team in the last-16 of the Champions League.

The Jayasuris have not lost in the Champions league since 2008.

Shetty, a former India coach, said the Jayasurdia team has the ability to be good enough to beat the top teams in the tournament.

“We are good to have been here for three years now, to have won in Champions League, and I am confident we can get a good result.

We are ready,” said Shetty.

Jayasuriyas win the Champions competition with a 13-9 victory over the reigning champions from Kerala, which was the first time that the Jayaasuriys have won the Champions trophy since 2008 and also the first ever to do so.

The champions also claimed the trophy as the second seed, while the champions of Kerala, Kolkata Kings, have not yet been eliminated from the tournament after losing the first two games.