How to wear men’s deodorant

Men’s deo-bundle offers an elegant, affordable alternative to the heavy, heavy deodorants we’ve been told to stop using.

The men’s collection from The Bump and Bump Company features five products, each offering a slightly different scent.

Here are a few of our favourites:The men, ladies and kids line, from The Biggles Company, is a great value if you’re looking for something new to try out.

The BigGles men’s shampoo is also a good choice for those looking to refresh their face.

The men’s facial deodorizer is a good option for those who need a refreshing scent without making it a heavy deo.

If you’re more interested in deodorizing a more casual style, the men’s cream deodorizers from The Gentlemen’s Pantry are a good bet for the modern man.

The gentlemens pantry’s deoscentants are very gentle and won’t irritate the skin.