What you need to know about Nebraska men’s hoops in 2017-18

The Huskers are the latest Big Ten team to add a new conference affiliation in the past year.

The league announced Wednesday that Nebraska will join the Big Ten Conference in 2019.

The Huskers’ announcement comes less than a week after the Big 12 announced it will be joining the Big East, while the Big 10 and Pac-12 will join a conference with more than 30 teams in 2020.

The Big Ten, meanwhile, is expected to announce a conference expansion for 2021, with the Big 13 joining the ACC.

The announcement came a day after Nebraska signed a new television deal with FOX.

The deal will bring the Cornhuskers to FOX, which is owned by AT&T, for $1.9 billion through 2027.

The Husker athletic department is in talks to increase its investment in the company and to acquire more sports content, including football.

The Big Ten has a deal with ESPN that runs through 2033, with additional TV deals planned for 2021.

The news is a welcome one for Nebraska fans, who are increasingly frustrated with the league’s lack of support for the conference.

The NCAA announced last week that it would take the action necessary to prevent the conference from merging with the ACC and the Big XII in 2020 and 2021.

The decision came after the Pac-10 agreed to a similar pact with CBS and CBS Sports.

The Pac-13 announced last month that it had signed a four-year, $1 billion TV deal with Fox, the network owned by Comcast.

The Pac-14, which has not yet made a decision on a television deal, will have an agreement with ESPN.

The decision comes after the ACC announced that it will join an alliance with the SEC, while rival Big Ten conference members Wisconsin and Michigan have also announced they will join.

The ACC and Big Ten both announced their intentions to join the Association of American Universities in January.

The move comes after Nebraska’s football team announced it would be leaving the Big Red this summer, and after the Huskers signed a TV deal for 2020.

The university also announced that the football program would be selling its naming rights.

Nebraska announced the new affiliation in an email to members of the Nebraska Family and Sports Committee, and added a note of thanks to the NCAA for its consideration of Nebraska’s move.

“We are honored to be able to offer our full support for Nebraska’s athletics program and for the entire Husker family,” the email read.

“We will continue to pursue our dreams for our program, which are rooted in the core values of inclusion and respect.”

In 2018-19, Nebraska’s total attendance for the regular season was 2,984, and the Husker men’s team won the Big West Conference regular-season championship.

The team has won the Conference USA championship three times in the last four years, and won the Pac 12 regular-year title in 2016.