Which are the most interesting and best-kept secrets from our best-watched Super Bowl 2017 games?

When you’re looking for the next big football story, don’t forget about the Super Bowl.

And there’s a lot to like about the 2018 Super Bowl, especially with so many marquee events, so many big-name players and storylines in the mix. 

It’s also a great opportunity for people to see what the players and coaches have been up to this year, with the likes of Aaron Rodgers and Aaron Hernandez in attendance. 

The most exciting part?

All of the big-time players and teams are participating.

Here are some of the best things to look out for this year: The big question is: Will any of them make the team?

With the Packers and Seahawks coming off the back of winning Super Bowls, I can see some big surprises for the game. 

But even with the Packers coming off a winning season, they’re still the odd-man out with the Seahawks, who had the second-best record in the league at 1-4 and have a lot of questions to answer heading into the postseason. 

If the Seahawks are healthy, the Packers might have a great chance to win the division. 

Also, with a divisional showdown against the Broncos on the line, I’m curious to see how the Packers handle the Broncos. 

This matchup will be a big test for the Packers. 

While the Seahawks were one of the most dominant teams in the NFL this season, the fact they were also the biggest disappointment is a huge concern.

The Packers have to be more than happy with how their defense played and if they can make it to Denver, they could have the top defense in the NFC. 

Even though the Packers’ defense struggled to stop the run, they still outplayed the Broncos, winning 26 of 31 rushing yards and holding them to just 13 rushing touchdowns. 

On offense, I like how the offense looked out there. 

With a lot more explosive playmakers in the lineup, Green Bay should have a very capable offensive attack. 

However, this year’s Packers have not had much help in the passing game, with Aaron Rodgers missing time due to injury and Matt Flynn and the Packers not having much success throwing the ball to other teams’ receivers. 

They did have some success in the running game, especially running the ball, and that could help Green Bay keep pace with the Broncos and Packers.

I also think this year will be fun to watch. 

Both the Packers, and the Broncos have a history of getting the best out of their quarterback, so I’m hoping the offense can do that this year. 

As for the biggest question mark heading into this Super Bowl?

How will the Seahawks handle the NFC West?

The Seahawks lost to the Giants last year, and while it could be a tough test, I would expect Seattle to come out firing on all cylinders. 

That said, I also like the Seahawks’ chances against the Denver Broncos.

The Seahawks are led by two very good quarterbacks, Russell Wilson and Jimmy Garoppolo.

Both Wilson and Garoppollo have huge potential, and if Wilson and his offensive line can make the most of their talents, the Broncos will have trouble stopping the Seahawks. 

I also like to think that the Broncos defense can play a little bit better against the Packers than they did against the Panthers. 

Injuries have plagued the Broncos this year as well, but the defensive line was a huge difference maker against the Giants. 

Despite the Broncos’ struggles, the Seahawks could easily pull off a win and advance to the playoffs. 

Who will be the winners of this year-best-kept secret?

It’ll be hard to decide this year with so much uncertainty surrounding the Seahawks and Broncos, but I’m going to give it to the Packers for two reasons.

First, the NFC South is still extremely close, and both teams are playing hard this season.

Second, the Seattle Seahawks were the only team to beat the Panthers in the Superdome. 

Seattle will definitely make it. 

For all of you NFL fans out there, I think the NFL is ready for a Super Bowl rematch between the two Super Bowl champions.

Let’s see who gets to take home the crown!